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JaX Title Loan Requirements

When it comes to getting a loan, you may be experiencing concern over the requirements for the loan. This type of feeling is normal when it comes to borrowing from traditional lenders. At Jax Title Loan, we will never ask you to bring in a mass amount of paperwork. Honestly, it only creates unnecessary work for all. That is why we keep our requirements to four items and two of the four items can probably be found sitting in your pile of mail.

When it comes to being approved for a loan at Jax Title Loan, you will find our process short and simple. You will also discover that we do not perform credit checks. That means we do not care if you have bad credit, good credit, or no credit.

What to bring:

  1. Your vehicle: Your vehicle will undergo a quick 5-minute inspection by one of our loan specialists. We look to see that your vehicle is running properly, the mileage, and the condition of the interior and exterior. This inspection allows us to determine the value of your vehicle and the maximum amount that we can loan to you.
  2. Your car title: Your car title must be free of all liens and be in your name. The title will be used as collateral and will stay in our possession until the loan has been paid back in full. So, you keep your car as long as you make the payments on time and we keep the title for the duration of the loan.
  1. Proof of residency: We need to make sure that where you say you live is really where you live. We can verify this with a phone bill, utility bill, or bank statement that shows your name, and your current address.
  1. Proof of income: When it comes to lending, we want to make sure that whom we lend to has the means to repay the loan. Our loans require that you make a net income of $1,000 per month. You can prove your income with check stubs from your place of employment or if you have your check directly deposited then you can use a recent bank statement. If you use a bank statement, then you really only need three items because the statement doubles as proof of income and proof of residency.

Sometimes life gets in the way and can be more of a hassle than usual. That is why we want to simplify things. We do not perform credit checks, we require easy to find documents, you get to keep your car, and you’ll get cash that same day. If you still have questions and concerns, one of our friendly loan specialists will be more than happy to help.

If you do not meet all of our requirements then please contact one of our loan specialists. Our loan specialists can possibly find another loan or program and get you the money that you need.